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Midnight After-Action: Sunulael steps up to get smacked down. [Aug. 18th, 2006|12:54 pm]
OHMBHG - Midnight

He's Coming.  He's Coming.  He's Coming.

Marceus: I can get you into the spire, but you have to make sure you kill Basil and get out within 48 hours.

Kendar: Kill Basil?  Check.  Blow this posicle stand?  Check.  I think we have an accord.

Gorse: He's Coming.  He's Coming.  He's Coming.

Kendar: I'm hiding.  I'm hiding. I'm hiding.

Gorse: He's Coming.  He's Coming.  He's Coming.

Kendar: You're not George Washington.  I'm skating, I'm skating, I'm skating.

Gorse: He's Coming.  He's Coming.  He's Coming.

Kendar: More hiding.

Gorse: He's Coming.  He's Coming.  He's Coming.

Kendar: Crap, I need to think of something fast.

Lysander: Playa Hater

Jen Whatziznutz: Why you hatin' on the Avenging Knives?

Lysander: We aren't hatin'.

Gregor: Word.  We're representin'.

Lysander: Ixnay on the epreseentin'ray.

Gregor: Oopsay.

Lysander: Sunulael rollin up, tryin to catch us riding dirty.

Heldik: Word.

Jen: Ridin dirtay?  That why Tomas Baden be hatin'?

Lysander: Yep.

Jen: I need to talk with him.

Lysander: Word.  It just so happens our peeps are making it possible.

Jen: You roll with my peeps.

Are you Dr. Galacawitz?  Xerxes: Yes I am.

Hobgoblin: We smell Elf.

Bowden: You ridin' dirtay.

Brock: Only Lysander and Gregor are being gangstas today.  Um... I farted?

Xerxes:  There's a perfectly logical explanantion for all of this.

Hobgoblins: That sounds logical, you're free to enter the city.

Xerxes: Yes I am.

Helrion Baden: Chamberlain!  I mean, welcome to my house.  Have some food.

Gnomes: Oh shit.

Brock:  How do I tell them I'm not going to eat them without giving myself away?

Gnomes: You don't.

Brock: Sorry, then boys, I'm gonna eat... stew.

Gnomes: Whew!

Xander: Who's there?

Bowden: I'm Luke Skywalker, I'm here to rescue you.

Xander: Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper?

Bowden: That's not what the winged gelflings say; come on, let's sneak out of here.

Stompiel, Angel of Don't:   Mr. Bowden... I have a metagame express message from Messrs. Xerxes and Brock:  "Cut that shit out!" *stomp*

Bowden: I mean my large friend will help you escape.  Bye.

Helrion: Are you here for the kid?  To bring him to your master, Anhedrin?

Xerxes: Yes I am.

Helrion: Awesome, I believe you.

Xerxes: Yes you do.

Xander: Who's there?

Brock: Hi.

Xander: Motherfucker.

Helrion: You're coming back soon to talk about our little "arrangement," yes?

Xerxes: Yes I am.

Kendar: Can I sneak now?

Rob: You mean Bowden?

Erik:  Right.  Do Over

Kendar Bowden: Can I sneak now?

Brock & Xerxes: No!

Xerxes: See, Brock, we managed to do all that without spilling a single drop of -

Minimus: *whap* *thud* *pow* *socko* *spleen*

Xerxes: *disgusted sigh* Fine alcohol.  We spilled nary a drop of fine alcohol.

Bowden:  Um... Xerxes...

Xerxes: Alchemists Fire... No alchemists fire.  Not a drop.

Minimus:  Um... Xerxes...

Xerxes: *despair*

Brock: *spleen*?

Minimus: Golden Rooster Rips Your Spleen out Through Your Floating Ribs.

Brock:  Right!  I'm a big fan of Mountain Rabbit Swings You by the Ankles and Smashes Your Head Against a Rock, myself.

He's Coming.  He's Coming.  He's Coming. (Part 2)

Gorse: He's Coming.  He's Coming.  He's Coming.

Kendar: I'm hiding.  I'm hiding. I'm hiding. (again)

Kendar: I'm hiding.  I'm hiding. I'm hiding.

Kendar: I'm hiding.  I'm hiding. I'm hiding.

Kendar: I'm hiding.  I'm hiding. I'm hiding.

Kendar: I'm hiding.  I'm hiding. I'm hiding.

Kendar: I'm hiding.  I'm hiding. Is he gone?

Gorse: No he isn't!  Psych!  I'm long gone.

Kendar: I believe you.  

Gorse: He's Coming.  He's Coming.  He's Coming.

Dream Lysander: I want to talk to you.

Tomas Baden: Boogeyman!  

Dream Lysander: Fearn is not in this dream.

Dream Fearn: Wanna bet?

Tomas Baden: Come to Green Man Shoals.

Kessay: Green Man Shoals, ahoy.

Baden:  You wanted to talk?

Lysander: Sunulael sent Gorse to kill you.

Gorse: He's Coming.  He's Coming.  He's Coming.

Gregor: Crap.

Gorse: He's Coming.  He's Coming.  He's Coming.

Resistance Redshirts:  *Fall* *Drown*

Gorse: He's Coming.  He's Coming.  He's Coming.

Heldik: Represent!

Heldik and Bowden: *represent*

Gorse: He's Coming.  He's Coming.  He's Coming.

Lysander: Ow!  Bad Touch.

Gorse: He's Coming.  He's Coming.  He's Coming.

Xerxes: He's going.  He's Going. He's *disintegrate*

Gorse: *gone*

Basil and Tomatoes

Kendar: Follow the blue lights.

Basil: Damn, I love being evil.  Keep it down up there, Tomatoes.

"Tomatoes" (The Drake): *screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech*

Basil:  If you keep up that racket, I'll neve hear is someone is sneaking up the spire stairs to 

Good Guys: SURPRISE!

Basil: Case in point, you miserable undead cockstain.  Unholy OW! Shi!t OW! Pointy!  *becomes pesto*

Good Guys:  w00+!!!11!11!!!ELEVEN!!

Tomatoes: *screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech*

Good Guys: Uh oh...

Tomatoes: *BREATHE*

Xerxes: I'm dead.

Action Points: No you're not, you're alive!

Xerxes: Yes I Am.

Brock: Hang on Tomato!

Gregor:  Hey Pink Martini is one of my favorite *crash*

Xerxes: And since I am alive, I think I'll *disintegrate*

D20 Druid Die: Fuck you, Erik.

Erik: Fuck you, D20 Druid Die.

Tomatoes:  *screeeeeeeeeeeeee-*       *poof*

Xerxes: How much Xp do I get for killing the plot?

Rose: I Have Returned. Meet Me in Caradul.

Rose: *returns all over the legates in the square*

How it all plays out: 

Basil didn't have anything that wasn't evil or wrecked by Tomatoes, except a broom of flying.  

Minimus, Heldik, Kal and Brock are staying in the city.  You guys split up in the sewers.
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Dropped the Ball [Aug. 14th, 2006|01:57 pm]
OHMBHG - Midnight

Sorry guys, sleep deprivation, wedding plans and lots of work to do at work pretty much made me useless all the end of last week and this weekend (that and not having any intarnets at my house) - I'll try to mop up the plotlines when people get to my mama's house before we take a shot at Basil.
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Midnight After-Action Report. Worst. Avenging. Knives. Evar. [Aug. 8th, 2006|10:25 am]
OHMBHG - Midnight

Salient Details: 

1. Basil is in Sunulael's tower.  She will meet with the anvil, while the drak provides cover.  Marceus wants her dead.  So do you.  Funny how things work out.
2. Xander is in Helrion Baden's house.  The OC is aware of him, but hasn't moved on it yet, because of reasons you do not know.
3. Sunulael has sent Gorse, a hero from back-in-the-day, to kill Tomas Baden.

Scrolls (Clerical, sadly, and Izrador invoking)
1 Scroll with Silver Strike and Silver Wind on it. (Chaneller Spells)
+2 Adamantine Chain Shirt
Ghostwood scroll case (XXL)
6 potions (Cure Serious Wounds)
2 potions glibness
1 Amulet of non-detection (this effectively renders the goodies you carry scentless, but does not cover spellcasting)
1 Ring with 1 casting of Lesser Globe of Invulnerability/Day (Glows Bright Green all the time -5 Stealth when wearing)
"Stormcrow" +2 Adamanitne Thundering Light Mace of Speed.  
Another set of MW chain, and MW longsword, Legate Robes (only dropped once)
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Scenario 3: Knives [Aug. 8th, 2006|10:17 am]
OHMBHG - Midnight

Lysander and Gregor

The Sword of Glass lets you out on the worm docks.  There are a lot of patrols they kind of take more work to evade, as you guys are not the sneakiest or talkiest and they are looking for guys like you.  

Finding the knives is going to be a little difficult, though Kessay has given you a few leads to run down.

1. They were recruiting runners in the steeps, indeed, they were recruiting from the flayers, among other folks.
2. Their leader in town is a man named Jen.
3. There is a rumor that they're working with none other than your friend Heldik, so finding him might be an easy in.
4. They'll definitely be wondering who's responsible for the attack.

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Scenario 2: Xander [Aug. 8th, 2006|10:16 am]
OHMBHG - Midnight
Xerxes and Bowden

There are actual guards on the street and at the gates between the Steeps and the Bluffs.  It actually takes a little talking to get past them (nothing beyond your abilities, in fact, Xerxes, feel free to take a 1 on it) and up you go, out onto the Bluffs.  

It turns out that Helrion does hold something of a "court" into which a steady stream of Skeksis and Legates seem to be going, and from which a lot of soldiers looking pale and unhappy are coming.

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Scenario 1: Marceus [Aug. 8th, 2006|10:06 am]
OHMBHG - Midnight

The appointed place at the appointed time.  It's a fairly busy night, lots of roundups and things after the daring raid on the Officio Chambre enclave, with lots of orcs and mercenaries running around and scooping up anyone who looks at all... well, there.  Ironically, they are pretty easy to evade.  

The appointed place, however, is pretty quiet.  

You see "Straw" wandering around in the place where you expected Marceus.  He calls out to you.  Quietly.
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Midnight, Presented By Al Gore [Aug. 3rd, 2006|12:59 pm]
OHMBHG - Midnight
Right, there was very little done, do to Tucker's request and my Stepma's calling in the middle and chewing my ear off for an hour, but here's what did happen.

You met a spy, one of Aradil's Eyes.  He led you to discover an inconvenient truth:

In order to get what you want, you will have to deal with the Shadow.  And not in the way you're comfortable with dealing with the Shadow.  In the Faustian sort of way.

Also, you learned that the secular rulers of the BB have a boy named Xander, who happens to be one of the make-Lysander's-sword-glow people.
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Behold, my masterpiece! [Jul. 27th, 2006|12:01 am]
OHMBHG - Midnight

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Midnight - The Lawn You Wish You Had (...because, you know... it cuts itself) [Jul. 25th, 2006|09:28 am]
OHMBHG - Midnight

[Current Location |Baden's Bluff, Southern Pelluria]
[mood |emo]
[music |The Lawn You Wish You Had "I'll Cut You with My Broken Heart]

Enemies and Friends Likely to Die

: Still about.  She's pretty emo.
Kessay: Captain of the Sword of Glass.  Revokes speaking privileges when someone makes her feel emo.
Minimus Pig: Went wee wee wee wee all the way home.  Emo, for reasons that you don't know since you pulled a +5 plot dodge.
Marceus: Kendar's brother, knows he's here.  Officio Mensa with background in Malleus.  He makes us all feel pretty emo.
Basil: Officio Chambre (since I couldn't find the Latin for chamber), sort of.  Her distance from Sunulael makes her feel emo.  Her proximity to Sunulael makes you feel emo.
Claudius: Officio Malleus, new in town.  Working for Clovus.  Wants to bring law & order to the BB.  His bodyguards were killed by Avenging Knives in the Bitch.  On Clovus' orders.  That's so emo.
Tomas Baden: The real leader of BB, and the leader of the southern pellurian resistance.  Doesn't trust you guys.  You're too emo.
Sunulael's "Pet": Kind of like Dot's "Pet" but undead.  And emo.

Emo Plot Points
1. Agatha used to crew the Sword of Glass.  So did her friends.
2. Marceus saw Kendar.  He didn't do anything about it.
3. Jessamy, Fearn, Bane, Kal and Heldik make Tomas Baden emo, for various reasons.  He doesn't want to talk to you.
4. Heldik might be in town. 
5. BB looks like it's going to be a big proxy fight between Sunulael's pals in the OC and the Cabal legates in the OMe.
6. If the OC has its way, it's also going to be a big proxy fight between Baden's crew and the Avenging Knives.  
7. The Avenging knives don't seem that bright.  Neither do the OC legates, but it sure does look like they're beating their more with-it counterparts.  Does one not wonder why?  One ought to.
8. They are sailing the anvil into BB for to refit the ship and then on to the west.  At least you know where the anvil is going.
9. Kessay might be one of the Xircis' descendents.  Not Xerxes, Xircis... the emo dragon.
10. Basil showing up makes Clovus emo.  It also makes Marceus emo, but you all expected that.  Clovus, on the other hand, is another story.
11. A bunch of the orcs that the OC is using come from a tribe you don't recognize (except for Xerxes, who remembers them from some emo elven prophecy).  Shunned Mother.

Death Cab for Basil
1. Basil is Rose's mama.  
2. She's also Sunulael's buddy.  Efram used the word "love" several times rather specifically.  So let me restate: Sunulael loves Basil.  
3. Basil can get back to the manor.  She can get Jack and Beatrice and all the nice kids you met there.  
4. She can also get Rose.  You get the impression that getting rose would be emo for you.  
5. Basil doesn't get her powers from Izrador.  They're arcane, mostly.
6. Basil thinks she should be in charge of things here, being, technically the highest ranked legate in the city.  The legates thing Basil, being technically not a legate at all, should go fuck herself, with Jessamy's scythe.

That's So Emo
You guys went to the bluffs, saw Marceus and Basil.  You found out why just going to visit Tomas Baden is not going to work, so you and Minimus went down on the Bitch in Heat to try and find Lysander's old contact.  What you did find was a bunch of soon to be ex-mercenaries and a sting operation that was intended to sting, well, you're not really sure.  

***Something that might occur to you*** You don't run a sting operation unless you intend to sting someone.  Efram didn't tell you everything you might need to know.

You beat up some orcs and a legate.  Gregor went crocdile wrestling.  You questioned the legate.  He was really forthcoming with answers to all the questions you asked.

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The Disclaimer [Jul. 10th, 2006|11:24 am]
OHMBHG - Midnight

I think out loud.  I'm not going to make excuses for myself on this one, I go through a lot of ideas and 99.99999% of them are pure shit.  Most of them do not even make it out of my mouth or into my fingers.  A lot of them I forget about the moment I've floated them, like a deuce in someone's Flintstones pool.  Worse, I forget most of my ideas the moment they're out, recognizing them as pure shit.  I'm noticing this is causing all sorts of problems as I post them, forget about them, and people react, and then I get upset (sometimes extremely upset) at their reactions.  To that end, I'm instituting a 24 hour rule on myself for post about any ideas I might have about games, system or setting and I will try to resist the temptation to use ohmbhg as a sounding board for ideas.  However, for the stupid shit that does get through:

1) It may never come to pass

2) If I didn't print it, it's up for debate, or a vote, or a veto. 
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